• Occupational Therapy is a therapeutic intervention that promotes health by enhancing the individual’s skills, competency and satisfaction in daily occupation.
  • It helps people to overcome the barriers that prevent them from doing the activities and occupations that are part of their daily lives.
  • It applies the principles of occupational science to enable people with chronic disease or disability to act on the environment and successfully adapt to its challenges.
  • Occupational therapy uses activities as the medium of assessment and treatment for physical and mental disorders.
  • The activities must allow individuals to actively participate and drawn from all aspect of life, personal care, work, leisure and social life.


  • To assist people with physical and mental disabilities to reach their highest level of skill and function.
  • To enhance, maintain and prevent the deterioration of their quality of life.
  • To determine an individual’s future vocational potential and loss of earning.
  • This is achieved through the use of purposeful activities, therapeutic techniques, recommendation of assistive devices as well as making adaptations in the workplace and homes.


We aim at providing good quality of life to our patients and clients. Encourage healthy balance lifestyle and optimal participation in meaningful daily activities. We value the right and responsibility of patients and clients to be self-determining that they have the right to make choices and to determine their own lives.


The practice strives in providing professional, evidenced based assessments and effective treatment to all our clients. We make every effort and take pride in providing a quality service that meets individuals needs efficiently and timeously.

We strive to promote maximal independence and quality of life by treating patients and clients holistically.  Provide high standard and quality of services to our clients by ensuring client satisfaction as well as value for money.