"We value quality & excellent  service delivery, we strive to make excellence a necessity and to always maintain a culture of excellence"

Occupational Therapists

We are a 100% black, female owned company whose aim is to improve our patients and client’s quality of life.  The company is formed by qualified Occupational Therapists with in-depth experience in traditional as well as current best practices in Occupational Therapy Services and Functional Capacity Evaluations.  We are an energetic, dynamic and pro-active team of Occupational Therapists specializing in different fields of interest. Our consultants have post-graduate qualification in Vocational Rehabilitation, Occupational Health, Hand Therapy and Pediatrics (Early Childhood Development).

R. S. Tshitake Occupational Therapists practice started in 2010. The practice use variety of standardized physical and cognitive evaluations. The Ergo-Science System, Physical Work Performance Evaluation form our underlying base of assessments in both Medico- Legal and Functional Capacity Evaluation. The practice covers predominately adult physical and mental health, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Physical Rehabilitation, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Case Management, Return to Work and Medico-Legal Assessment.   We view a person as an open system during assessments and treatment, evaluating a holistic picture of an individual in terms of his/her past and present life, situation, interest, motivation, attitudes toward disability, use of time, potential employment and participation in the environment.